Days Gone (Sony PlayStation 4)

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  • Embrace Expansive Open World Action: Days Gone invites you to dive into a high-desert expanse in the Pacific Northwest, granting you the liberty to explore, strategize, and immerse yourself in diverse gameplay.
  • Navigate Hazardous Environments: Traverse carved ridges, mountains, caves, and river basins as you confront challenging landscapes. These hazardous settings create a captivating backdrop for an array of gameplay styles.
  • Experience Emergent Gameplay: Engage with fully explorable environments teeming with dynamic AI enemies. Your strategies, weapon crafting, exploration, and combat skills will determine your fate, fostering emergent gameplay possibilities.
  • Unleash Stunning, Dynamic Graphics: Utilizing the power of PlayStation 4 and Unreal Engine 4, Bend Studio has masterfully harnessed technology to deliver an unparalleled open world experience. Expect to be captivated by realistic weather effects, day-night cycles, and an environment that reacts dynamically.
  • Immerse in Realistic Weather Effects: Rain, wind, snow, and shifting day-night cycles impact your gameplay experience, immersing you in an evolving world where every moment feels authentic.
  • Dynamic Lighting for Enhanced Realism: With real-time, reactive lighting that mimics the human iris, Days Gone enhances immersion as your surroundings transform as you move from one location to another.

Title: Days Gone (Sony PlayStation 4)

Barcode: 711719983897


  • PS4


  • Sony PlayStation Studios



  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2019

Age Rating: 18

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