All Combat 8 in 1 Kit for Switch - Boxing Grips, Vertical Joypad, Leg/Arm Straps, Swords & Rifle (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Versatile Gaming Kit: Elevate your gaming experience across various genres, including FPS, fighting, combat, shooters, fitness, sports, and racing, with our comprehensive combat kit for Nintendo Switch.

  • Durable and Ergonomic Design: Crafted from lightweight, durable materials and ergonomically designed for comfort, ensuring extended gaming sessions remain enjoyable.

  • Joy-Con Compatibility: Tailored to fit Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers seamlessly, enhancing your gameplay experience.

  • Rifle Controller: Included is a realistic rifle-shaped Switch gun controller, perfect for FPS and shooting games like Splatoon 2/3, Resident Evil, Payday 2, Wolfenstein 2, Big Buck Hunter and more.

  • Interactive Swords: Enjoy a fully interactive gaming feel with two swords, ideal for titles such as Switch Sports (Chambara) and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

  • Vertical Joypad Controller: Combine both left and right Joy-Con into one larger controller with the Vertical Joypad Controller. Compatible with a wide range of Switch games, including Metroid, Witcher, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley.

  • Boxing Grips: Immerse yourself in realistic boxing experiences with two Boxing Grips. Compatible with motion-controlled Switch games, including ARMS, Fitness Boxing, and Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise.

  • 2in1 Leg and Arm Straps: Stay secure and comfortable with adjustable 2in1 Leg and Arm Straps that hold your Joy-Con in place. Compatible with motion-controlled games like Just Dance, Switch Sports Football & Volleyball, Ring Fit Adventure, and more.

  • Comprehensive Kit: The package includes all the necessary components for a seamless gaming experience, with full instructions included.

Enhance your Nintendo Switch gaming adventures with this combat kit, suitable for a wide range of titles.

Title: All Combat 8 in 1 Kit for Switch - Boxing Grips, Vertical Joypad, Leg/Arm Straps, Swords & Rifle (Nintendo Switch)

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Release Year: 2023

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