Destruction AllStars (Sony PlayStation 5)

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  • Mayhem Unleashed: Experience the heart-pounding roar of the crowd and the exhilarating growl of engines in Destruction AllStars, a global phenomenon on Sony PlayStation 5 that brings stars and cars together in a collision-filled extravaganza.

  • Masterful Mayhem: Take control of the chaos, whether behind the wheel or on foot, mastering jaw-dropping parkour, signature vehicles, and exceptional abilities that pile on the damage in intense vehicle-based combat.

  • Online Carnage: Team up or go solo in online modes that support up to 16 players, providing an adrenaline-fueled arena where players can wreck rivals, showcasing their skills in strategic mayhem.

  • Dynamic Roster: Choose from a vibrant roster of Destruction AllStars, each with unique characteristics and abilities, allowing players to find their perfect fit for unleashing havoc on the competition.

  • Heroic Vehicles: Power up with hero vehicles, each fueled by special abilities that can turn the tide of battle, ensuring that every match is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

  • Thrilling Parkour: Elevate the excitement with thrilling survival parkour, allowing players to navigate the chaotic arenas with agility and style, adding an extra layer of strategy to the mayhem.

Title: Destruction AllStars (Sony PlayStation 5)

Barcode: 711719814023


  • PS5


  • Sony PlayStation Studios



  • Racing
  • Children & Family

Release Year: 2021

Age Rating: 12

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