Gear Tactics (Xbox Series X & Xbox One)

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  • Exclusive Content: Purchase the Gears Tactics physical disc and receive the Thrashball Cole Character Pack, featuring Augustus Cole Recruit and the Thrashball Armor Set with rare abilities, adding depth to your gameplay experience.

  • Compelling Storyline: Step into the shoes of Gabe Diaz, a resilient soldier, as you lead your troops through a gripping narrative of leadership, survival, and sacrifice, immersing yourself in a character-driven adventure.

  • Strategic Depth: Customize your squad and equipment, meticulously preparing them for battle by upgrading skills and equipping them with valuable loot acquired from challenging missions, ensuring they are ready to face any threat.

  • Intense Combat: Command your squad in adrenaline-fueled, turn-based battles, navigating fast-paced encounters against relentless enemies, requiring quick thinking and strategic planning to emerge victorious.

  • Epic Boss Fights: Confront towering, formidable bosses that challenge your tactics and force you to adapt your strategies, providing exhilarating battles that redefine the scale of combat.

  • Next-Gen Performance: Enjoy enhanced visuals and seamless gameplay on the Xbox Series X with Gears Tactics optimized for the platform, featuring Smart Delivery and stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second, delivering unparalleled immersion and performance.

Title: Gear Tactics (Xbox Series X & Xbox One)

Barcode: 889842718485


  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One


  • Microsoft



  • Shooter
  • Role Playing Game

Release Year: 2020

Age Rating: 18

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