Ghost Song (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Subterranean Exploration: Dive into the depths of an alien world with intricate tunnels and abandoned labs. This Metroidvania-inspired 2D realm promises a visually stunning adventure with secrets to uncover.

  • Empowering Progression: Power up your character with potent weapons and game-changing abilities, unlocking new layers of the moon's mysterious landscape. Discover optional hidden areas as you advance through the game.

  • Combat Challenges: Confront challenging foes like fungal aliens and metal husks of Lorian with precise and responsive combat. Level up your character, customize your suit, and enhance your blaster with a diverse arsenal of modules.

  • Rhythmic Combat Mastery: Master the distinctive rhythm of Deadsuit's combat. Unleash rapid-fire blaster attacks and build up barrel heat to empower your melee strikes. Experience a satisfying combat flow as you blast and smash your way through enemies.

  • Rich Narrative: You're not alone in this alien world. Encounter voiced characters with their own tales of survival, courage, abandonment, and redemption. Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative as you navigate through the depths.

  • Haunting History Unveiled: Explore the haunting history of the moon's depths, uncovering its mysteries and secrets. Engage with the storyline that adds depth and meaning to your subterranean journey.

Title: Ghost Song (Nintendo Switch)

Barcode: 5056635602558


  • Switch




  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2023

Age Rating: 12

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