Goat Simulator 3 Pre-Udder Edition (Sony PlayStation 5)

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  • Unleash Your Inner Goat: Experience the quirky world of Goat Simulator 3 on Sony PS5, where you can play as a goat and engage in hilarious antics.
  • Co-op Chaos: Team up with up to three friends, whether locally or online, and create mayhem together as a mischievous goat squad.
  • Diverse Goat Variety: Choose from a plethora of goat skins, including tall goats and stripey goats, catering to everyone's tastes.
  • Expressive Customization: Dress up your goat in amusing outfits, from toilet rolls to tea trays, and even equip jetpacks for added chaos.
  • Expanded Gameplay: Goat Simulator 3 offers an array of new content, including events, NPCs, physics, collectibles, and more, making for an even more entertaining experience.

Venture into the absurd world of Goat Simulator 3 on Sony PS5. Play as a goat and embark on hilariously chaotic escapades with your herd. Gather up to three friends for local or online co-op adventures and unleash havoc together. Explore a diverse range of goat skins, from tall to stripey, and customize your goat with outlandish items like toilet rolls and jetpacks. Engage with added content such as events, NPCs, and collectibles in a sandbox farmyard experience. Enjoy the sheer madness of Goat Simulator 3, where being a goat is anything but ordinary.

Title: Goat Simulator 3 Pre-Udder Edition (Sony PlayStation 5)

Barcode: 4020628641160


  • PS5




  • Children & Family
  • Simulator

Release Year: 2022

Age Rating: 12

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