Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

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  • Hilarious Multiplayer Mayhem: Experience uproarious laughter with Human: Fall Flat's breakout multiplayer mode, supporting up to 8 players for hilarious collaborative gameplay. Get assistance in solving puzzles or breaking obstacles in online multiplayer sessions.
  • Perfectly Puzzling Progression: Enjoy seamless progression and rewarding exploration as puzzles gradually increase in complexity, providing an engaging and satisfying puzzling experience.
  • Customize Your Human: Unleash your creativity by customizing your Human character with a variety of outfits, including builder, chef, skydiver, miner, astronaut, and ninja. Personalize your head, upper and lower body, and experiment with colors to make your Human truly unique.
  • Thriving Community: Join a vibrant community of streamers and YouTubers who have embraced Human: Fall Flat's unique and hilarious gameplay. With over 600 million views and support from top YouTube content creators like elrubiusOMG, Vegetta777, and Jacksepticeye, the game continues to entertain and captivate fans worldwide.
  • Anniversary Edition with Exciting Content: Get the complete package with the Anniversary Edition, which includes all 14 levels released so far on the cartridge/disc. With five new levels already available and more on the way, delve into dreamscapes like the haunting Dark level or the steam-powered industrial environment of Steam level.

Title: Human: Fall Flat - Anniversary Edition (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

Barcode: 5060760880422


  • Xbox One




  • Platform
  • Puzzle/Strategy

Release Year: 2020

Age Rating: 3

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