Just Cause 4 (Sony PlayStation 4)

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  • Skydiving and Soaring: Unleash the thrill of the skies using your wingsuit for skydiving, base jumping, and free diving adventures without boundaries.

  • Rico's Heroic Quest: Take the lead in the rebellion against the formidable Black Hand, a cutting-edge private military corporation.

  • Vast South American Realm: Embark on an exploration of Solis, an expansive, enigmatic South American nation riddled with conflict, enigmas, and peril.

  • Unleash Creativity: Personalize your enhanced grapple hook with innovative capabilities, enabling you to craft your own stunts, destructive techniques, and unique playstyle.

  • Powered by Apex Engine: JUST CAUSE 4 is driven by the groundbreaking Apex engine, offering the most immersive weather simulations in gaming. This, along with remarkable visuals, realistic physics, and boundless creative potential, makes it a must-play experience.

  • Ultimate Action Adventure: Immerse yourself in the ultimate action-packed adventure with unrivaled weather effects and adrenaline-pumping action. Uncover secrets, conquer challenges, and lead the fight against the Black Hand.

Title: Just Cause 4 (Sony PlayStation 4)

Barcode: 5021290081963


  • PS4


  • Square Enix



  • First Person Shooter
  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2018

Age Rating: 18

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