Lost Judgment (Sony PlayStation 5)

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  • Law and Disorder Saga: Dive into the gripping narrative of "Lost Judgment," where players embody Takayuki Yagami, a street-fighting detective caught in a web of conspiracy, revenge, and a broken legal system.

  • Dynamic Crime-Fighting Duo: Join forces with ex-yakuza Masaharu Kaito, Yagami's partner, in an epic crime-solving adventure that challenges players to unravel a seemingly perfect crime with an airtight alibi.

  • Martial Arts Mastery: Experience freeform combat with Yagami's unique martial arts forms—Crane, Tiger, and the new Snake stance. Master group ambushes and execute precise single-target takedowns with a graceful style that deflects and returns opponents' strikes.

  • Detective Arsenal: Equip Yagami with an expanded detective toolkit, featuring new gadgets, stealth techniques, and crafty infiltration methods. Leave no stone unturned as you employ these tricks to skillfully track suspects and unveil the truth.

  • Vibrant Urban Exploration: Immerse yourself in the authentic settings of Tokyo and Yokohama, meticulously crafted by RGG Studio. Explore bustling downtowns, game at Club SEGA, discover favorite hangouts, and take on cases from locals, creating an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • Justice Unleashed: As victims pile up and the truth unravels, Yagami faces a moral dilemma—defend the law or exact justice. Make impactful choices that shape the narrative, adding layers of complexity to this thrilling legal drama.

Title: Lost Judgment (Sony PlayStation 5)

Barcode: 5055277044214


  • PS5


  • SEGA


  • Yakuza


  • Fighting
  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2021

Age Rating: 18

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