Mafia III (Sony PlayStation 4)

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  • 1968 New Orleans Reimagined: Explore the sprawling, gritty world of New Bordeaux, an open-world environment reflecting the seedy underbelly of the era, richly detailed with sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the time.
  • Unleash Revenge as Lincoln Clay: Step into the shoes of Lincoln Clay, a determined Vietnam veteran out for revenge against the Italian Mafia that brutally wiped out his surrogate family.
  • Diverse Play Styles: Shape your revenge journey with your personal play style, whether it's explosive force, calculated stealth, or strategic use of military skills to dismantle the Italian Mafia's empire.
  • Family Amidst Chaos: Experience the tumultuous 1968 setting as Lincoln navigates a world of old ties and new alliances, fighting intense gun battles, engaging in visceral combat, and making tough decisions.
  • Build a Criminal Empire: Forge a fresh criminal path by choosing which lieutenants to reward and which to betray, establishing your criminal empire and rewriting the city's underworld.
  • Create Your Own Legacy: Craft a new family in the ashes of the old, driven by revenge, survival, and ambition, in a game where your decisions shape your destiny.

Title: Mafia III (Sony PlayStation 4)

Barcode: 5026555421720


  • PS4


  • 2K Games



  • Role Playing Game
  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2016

Age Rating: 18

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