Mario Party 8 (Nintendo Wii)
Nintendo Wii

Mario Party 8 (Nintendo Wii)

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Join Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and more of your favourite Nintendo characters as they compete across six game boards and more than 60 mini-games to win the coveted prize: a year's supply of candy! But Bowser isn't about to let them get away with it! Play on your Nintendo Wii, or on your Nintendo Wii U in Wii Mode.

Mario Party 8 is the first Wii installment of the popular Mario Party series. Like previous Mario Party titles, this is a fantastic party game with your favourite characters from the Mario universe, organised in the spirit of traditional board games but with the addition of several mini-games to spice up the challenge.

Characters roll dice, move on a board, and can perform certain interactions on specific situations or via items they collect. At the end of each turn, players are involved in humorous simple mini-games that require reflexes, intuition, and logic. Mario Party 8 on the Wii goes back to the classic formula of four players at most; however, it takes full advantage of the Wii remote to inject unique and energetic gameplay to the party.

Key features
  • Includes six brand new boards, each with pitfalls to avoid and shortcuts to take
  • Choose from 14 classic Mario characters, including Blooper and Hammer Bro
  • Play dedicated mini-games using your Mii characters

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