Mario & Rabbids Sparks Of Hope (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Megabug Tribute Skins: Experience the return of the Megabug in a unique way with this Nintendo Switch exclusive. Get 9 stunning weapon skins to transform the look of your arsenal and embrace your darker side while saving the galaxy.

  • Customize Your Arsenal: These cosmetic skins cater to every party member's style, ensuring a fresh and personalized appearance for each of your heroes as they embark on their intergalactic adventure.

  • Eclectic Hero Roster: Assemble your dream team from a diverse pool of nine heroes, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, creating endless strategic possibilities for your gameplay.

  • Epic Boss Battles: Challenge yourself with encounters against brand new bosses and revisit familiar foes as you journey across the galaxy, ensuring every battle is a thrilling test of your skills.

  • Rescue Sparks for Power: Throughout your cosmic quest, save Sparks, adorable companions who offer distinctive powers to bolster your team's capabilities and provide an edge in combat.

  • Strategic Gameplay: Master the art of tactical combat as you unleash your heroes' skills, execute daring dashes, perform team jumps, and take cover during intense battles. Plan your moves wisely to emerge victorious against the galaxy's threats.

Title: Mario & Rabbids Sparks Of Hope (Nintendo Switch)

Barcode: 3307216210382


  • Switch


  • Ubisoft


  • Mario


  • Puzzle/Strategy
  • Children & Family

Release Year: 2022

Age Rating: 7

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