Maxx Tech Dance 'n' Play Kit + Grips (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Interactive LED Glow Sticks: Elevate your gaming experience with the Dance ‘N’ Play Kit, featuring 2x sound-sensitive LED glow sticks that pulse, glow, and dance to the rhythm of the music or game audio.

  • Vibrant Lighting Effects: Experience mesmerizing multicolored rainbow lighting effects as the LED glow sticks follow along with any sound, illuminating your gaming room with dynamic visuals.

  • Complete Kit: The Dance ‘N’ Play Kit comes with Pink and Green thumb grips and wrist straps, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip during intense gaming sessions or dance routines.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with popular Nintendo Switch games like Just Dance, Zumba Burn It Up, and Samba De Amigo: Party Central, as well as a variety of other genres including Dance, Fitness, Music, and Action games.

  • Beyond Gaming: Take the Dance ‘N’ Play Kit beyond gaming by using it at concerts, festivals, or dance and fitness classes to add an extra layer of excitement with its sound-sensitive LED lighting.

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Wave the LED glow sticks in the air and watch them react to the sound, creating a stunning visual spectacle that will enhance any gaming or dance experience.

Title: Maxx Tech Dance 'n' Play Kit + Grips (Nintendo Switch)

Barcode: 5055957704896


  • Switch




Release Year: 2023

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