The Riftbreaker (Sony PlayStation 5)

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  • Interstellar Rift Construction: Embark on an epic mission on the Sony PlayStation 5 to construct a two-way rift connecting Galatea 37 to Earth. Navigate the complexities by building a chain of mines, refineries, power plants, and research facilities.

  • Colonize the Unknown: Galatea 37, a mysterious planet in the Sycorax belt, awaits colonization. Establish local outposts in resource-rich zones, utilizing advanced rift technology for resource transportation.

  • Defend Against the Unknown: Face increasing waves of hostile creatures by fortifying your position with walls, barriers, and defense towers. Equip Mr. Riggs with powerful weapons and abilities to repel the relentless attacks.

  • Hunt and Gather: Venture into the alien landscapes, confronting hostile creatures, and gather valuable specimens and rare resources. Utilize these findings for research and crafting, unlocking new technologies and equipment.

  • Technological Advancements: Use gathered samples to conduct research, unlocking blueprints for your Mecha-Suit, enhancing base defenses, and developing cutting-edge technologies to bolster your mission.

  • Customize Your Hero: Mr. Riggs, your versatile protagonist, is fully customizable and upgradeable. Craft new parts and weapons based on researched blueprints, ensuring you're ready for the challenges of Galatea 37.

Title: The Riftbreaker (Sony PlayStation 5)

Barcode: 5016488137973


  • PS5




  • Puzzle/Strategy
  • Simulator

Release Year: 2021

Age Rating: 12

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