The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition (Sony PlayStation 5)

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  1. Become a Highly Trained Monster Slayer: Step into the shoes of a skilled witcher, a highly trained monster hunter for hire, with superhuman skills and reflexes, in this immersive video game.
  2. Gruesome Battles and Upgradable Weapons: Engage in intense combat as a professional monster hunter, armed with a range of upgradable weapons, mutating potions, and combat magic, ensuring your foes meet a gruesome fate.
  3. Hunt Exotic Monsters in a Vast Open World: Embark on thrilling quests to track down a wide variety of exotic monsters, from savage beasts to supernatural predators, in the immersive fantasy open world of The Witcher. Use your rewards to upgrade weaponry, buy custom armor, or indulge in various activities.
  4. Morally Ambiguous Choices and Consequences: Explore a morally ambiguous world where your decisions have far-reaching consequences. Navigate a massive open world filled with forgotten ruins, bustling cities, treacherous mountains, and mysterious seas. Face treasonous generals, devious witches, and corrupt royalty, making choices that go beyond the simple notions of good and evil.
  5. Pursue the Child of Prophecy: Embark on the most important contract of your life as you track down the child of prophecy, a key figure who holds the power to save or destroy the world. Navigate through times of war, confront ferocious rulers, unearthly spirits, and otherworldly threats. Define your own destiny in a world where the line between salvation and destruction is blurred.

Title: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition (Sony PlayStation 5)

Barcode: 3391892015461


  • PS5


  • CD Projekt Red



  • Action & Adventure
  • Role Playing Game
  • Fighting

Release Year: 2023

Age Rating: 18

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