Monopoly Madness (Import) (Xbox Series X & Xbox One)

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UGS 0192 monopoly madness xsx IMP
    • Dynamic Monopoly Experience: Immerse yourself in the iconic world of Monopoly, but with a twist! Explore vibrant city streets and compete against other players to amass wealth and dominate the board.

    • Power-Up Strategy: Gain the upper hand with power-ups obtained from Community Chests. Utilize clever tactics and strategic maneuvers to outsmart your opponents and secure victory.

    • Unleash Chaos: Embrace chaos as you ride bulldozers, demolish buildings, and disrupt properties with a jackhammer. These unpredictable tactics are key to claiming the title of the wealthiest player.

    • Unexpected Challenges: Brace yourself for random events that inject excitement and unpredictability into your gameplay experience, ensuring every round is filled with suspense and intrigue.

    • Diverse Environments: Explore four distinct environments inspired by the classic Monopoly game board, each offering multiple levels and layouts for a total of 20 engaging arenas to conquer.

    • Competitive Multiplayer: Challenge friends or play against AI opponents in exhilarating multiplayer matches, where strategy, cunning, and a bit of luck are essential to emerge victorious.

    • Import Edition: This is an Import Edition with Polish language on the cover. Game is fully playable in English and will work on all Xbox consoles.

    Titre : Monopoly Madness (Import) (Xbox Series X & Xbox One)

    Code-barres : 3307216229599


    • Xbox Series X
    • Xbox One


    • Ubisoft

    La franchise:


    • Children & Family
    • Puzzle/Strategy

    Année de sortie : 2021

    Catégorie d'âge : 3

    Neuf en parfait état/emballage scellé
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