Alien Isolation (Xbox One)

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  • Immersive Experience: Dive into a heart-pounding survival horror adventure crafted using the cutting-edge Cathode Engine, ensuring a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience.

  • Atmospheric Setting: Explore the eerie corridors of Sevastopol, a decommissioned trading station shrouded in constant dread and mortal danger, where every shadow hides a potential threat.

  • Survive Against the Odds: Navigate through a volatile world teeming with ruthless aliens, where your every move is a gamble between life and death.

  • Adaptive Gameplay: Utilize strategic tactics to outwit your enemies - whether it's hacking systems, scavenging for vital resources, or crafting improvised items to survive the relentless onslaught.

  • Choices Matter: Face the ultimate dilemma: evade, distract, or confront your enemies head-on as you struggle to uncover the dark secrets lurking within Sevastopol.

  • Unleash Your Survival Instinct: Test your nerves and ingenuity in a nerve-wracking journey where only the strongest will survive, leaving a trail of fear and suspense in their wake.

Title: Alien Isolation (Xbox One)

Barcode: 5055277024919


  • Xbox One


  • SEGA



  • Horror
  • Role Playing Game

Release Year: 2014

Age Rating: 18

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