Goat Simulator: The Bundle (Sony PlayStation 4)

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  • Ultimate Goat Experience: Get the complete Goat Simulator package, including the base game and its DLC add-ons, GoatZ and MMO Simulator, for a truly immersive goat simulation adventure.
  • Unleash Destruction: Wreck and destroy with wild abandon in the shoes of a goat, earning ultimate goat points for stylish feats like backflips while headbutting buckets through windows.
  • Goat MMO Adventure: Dive into a simulated goat MMO world, where you can choose from 5 different classes, complete quests, and level up a staggering 101 times for epic adventures.
  • Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Experience a zombie apocalypse simulation, crafting items, exploring new maps, and unlocking super-powered goats to survive and thrive.
  • Dreams Come True: Goat Simulator brings your goat fantasies to life, offering an unparalleled goat simulation experience that lets you embrace your inner goat.
  • A Goat game with a Twist: Playfully compared to an old-school Goat game, Goat Simulator allows you to wreak havoc as a goat, turning tricks into destruction and earning points for stylish chaos.

Title: Goat Simulator: The Bundle (Sony PlayStation 4)

Barcode: 4020628838287


  • PS4




  • Children & Family
  • Simulator

Release Year: 2016

Age Rating: 12

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