My Friend Pedro (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Precise Weapon Control: Gain unprecedented control over your weapons and body movements to unleash a torrent of destruction on your foes. You can twist and turn in the air, aim with precision, and strategically target priority threats.

  • Slow-Motion Mastery: When the action becomes overwhelming, engage in slow motion to regain your focus. This feature allows you to calm your nerves, steady your aim, and navigate through chaotic situations with confidence.

  • Varied Gameplay: Experience a mix of gameplay styles, including high-octane running and gunning, thrilling motorcycle chases that get your adrenaline pumping, and moments to slow down and solve physics-based puzzles that challenge your intellect.

  • Unique Abilities: Showcase your prowess in gun ballet, where you can line up perfect ricochets and take down enemies from unexpected angles. This dynamic combat style adds depth to your strategy.

  • Adrenaline-Packed Battles: Engage in adrenaline-packed battles that require split-second decisions and expert marksmanship. Your ability to twist through the air and maintain precise aim is crucial for survival.

  • Immersive Action: Immerse yourself in a world where action reigns supreme. With your exceptional control over both weapons and body, you'll navigate a high-energy, slow-motion adventure filled with explosive moments.

Title: My Friend Pedro (Nintendo Switch)

Barcode: 5056635601629


  • Switch




  • Action & Adventure
  • Shooter

Release Year: 2023

Age Rating: 16

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