TemTem (Sony Playstation 5)

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    • Embark on a thrilling story campaign across six vivid islands and take on the adventure of becoming a top Temtem tamer while battling against the sinister Clan Belsoto. This game offers an immersive experience that showcases the capabilities of Sony PlayStation 5 video games.

    • Explore an expansive online world where solo travel is a thing of the past. In Temtem, the world is a massively multiplayer environment, allowing tamers from around the globe to join in the fun. Witness other players living their own adventures, competing to become the best Temtem tamer in this exciting game.

    • Dive into a co-op adventure where you can team up with a friend anytime, tackling goals together. Whether you’re catching new Temtem, completing a Route, or challenging a Temtem Leader, experience the excitement of dual battles in this engaging multiplayer experience.

    • Customize your living space by buying a house at Atoll Row and decorating it to your taste. In this game, you can purchase new furniture, paint your walls, and invite friends over, making your house a unique haven in the Temtem world.

    • Stand out from the crowd by customizing your character with new cosmetics as you battle other tamers. From a quirky hat to a comfy sweatshirt, or even a full cosplay of your favorite Temtem, express yourself in style. Engage in competitive play by selecting 8 Temtem and navigating through the pick and ban phase to form your ultimate squad, ready for battle in this highly competitive title for Sony's latest console.

    Title: TemTem (Sony Playstation 5)

    Barcode: 5060760888251


    • PS5




    • Role Playing Game

    Release Year: 2022

    Age Rating: 12

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