Terminator Resistance (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

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  • Choose your action hero persona and dominate the game world with an extensive arsenal of weapons and equipment, allowing for diverse playstyles and strategies.

  • Navigate through vast and immersive environments, employing stealth and precision to outmaneuver enemies or engage in adrenaline-pumping gunfights.

  • Adapt to a harsh and unforgiving world by scavenging and crafting resources to enhance your survival chances and create custom tools tailored to your needs.

  • Shape the destiny of humanity as you safeguard a group of unique and compelling survivors, whose lives and ultimate fate will be influenced by your decisions and actions.

  • Engage in an epic battle against formidable adversaries, including the iconic T-800, while also facing off against entirely new and original enemies within the rich Terminator universe.

  • Officially licensed first-person shooter

  • Future war scenario set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles

  • Play as Jacob Rivers, a brave soldier in the Resistance led by John Connor

  • Encounter the latest threat from Skynet, targeting Jacob for termination

  • Experience the thrilling events leading up to the decisive final battle for mankind's future

Title: Terminator Resistance (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

Barcode: 5060112433054


  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X




  • First Person Shooter
  • Action & Adventure

Release Year: 2019

Age Rating: 16

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